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Sacombe Simmentals Herd Sires

At Sacombe we pride ourselves on the wealth of Simmental genetics available to us.

We have searched both the UK and worldwide for the best bloodlines and have used not only some of the breed’s greatest stars, but some more modern rising stars as well.

We have a varied selection of Swiss, Austrian, German and French bloodlines in the herd, all with the same breed objectives vital for today’s market place – longevity, locomotion, fertility, calving ease and milk.

We also have an extensive stock of embryos based on some of the herd’s major success stories.


This Austrian family was established in 1975 with the original import. This is a consistent breeding family with great maternal characteristics, added more so with the addition of Clonagh World Class who has added an abundance of style to this family, as can be seen by the below show winners. Together, Sacombe Farah and Flora were unbeaten as a duo in pairs competitions on the 2016 summer circuit with wins at the Summer National Show, Royal Welsh and Edebridge and Oxted.


Sacombe Georgina – Fani
Female and overall junior champion, National Show 2016


Sacombe Farrah – Fani
Second to Flora at the Summer National Show 2016 


Sacombe Flora – Fani
Reserve intermediate champion, National Show 2016
Continental interbreed champion, Herts County Show 2016




This family has been four decades in the making and is without doubt the most successful and prolific in the herd. The first female from this line was sold back in to New Zealand and progeny has also been sold to Canada and America.

Recent success stories from this family have been Sacombe Carona-Kleeb who sold at the inaugural Leading Ladies sale in Carlisle for 6200gns.

TS 3002

Sacombe Nadia - Kleeb (Milnafua Junior daughter)

Sacombe Corona Kleeb 400px

Sacombe Carona - Kleeb (Grangewwod William daughter)




Although the original cow only produced two daughters back in the 70’s, this family has sprung back in to prominence and is now an integral part of the herd, producing many show winners and has turned out to be another great strong family line.

Recent success stories have included Sacombe Amy-Bouquette, a regular show winner on the 2011 and 2012 circuit and her calf, Sacombe Dainty-Bouquette who in 2012 was the English National Show calf champion.


Sacombe Amy-Bouquette (by Glenturk Nomad)


Sacombe Willow-Bouquette (by Sacombe Nikinsky N68)


Sacombe Dainty-Bouquette (by Clonagh World Class)




An exceptional family originating from the original Senneri herself who was born in 1969. Progeny and descendents include Sacombe Benno sold to HM The Queen, Sacombe Shamus, Supreme Champion RASE, Sacombe Whishful Thinking, Supreme Champion and Top Price Perth and Perrywood Wispa, half of winning Burke Trophy Pair 2012.


Perrywood Wispa (by Skerrington Rajah) as a two year old


Sacombe Bestman (by Glenturk Nomad) and sold for 7000gns Stirling Feb 2012 

fe Bridget's Coo 400px

Perrywood Wispa (by Skerrington Rajah)




The Alfa line is proving to be a real cow maker and some progeny have also had great success on the show circuit. This is a recessive red gene carrying family as well.


Sacombe Bridget-Alfa (by Glenturk Nomad)


Sacombe Class Act 11 (by Grangewood William)