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The Sacombe herd was founded in 1970, by Paull and his parents, and is the oldest herd within the UK herd book. Between 1970 and 1995, 23 females were imported from Switzerland, Austria, Germany and France.

Now totaling 150 breeding females and 200 followers, stock are reared commercially from a breeding policy designed to suit our farm. With limited rainfall we breed flesh rather than feed flesh, so our cows are medium in size with high fertility, longevity, docility and natural fleshing ability – a must for today’s market. 

With 18 cow families in the herd we have a wealth of genetics at our fingertips and are fortunate to have used the very best stock sires the breed has to offer.

Sacombe Simmentals

The herd has been officially performance recorded since 1970 and is currently recorded through the ABRI system. Recent technology has seen DNA testing used across the herd to look at enhancing meat eating qualitites.

IIn the last couple of years the herd has seen a welcome return to the show and sale ring outside of the south east of England and in 2012 Sacombe won the coveted Burke Trophy with our stock bull Clonagh World Class and Perrywood Wispa, a cow bred in Bridget’s own herd. The herd is very much writing its next major chapters with bloodlines off World Class and past herd sire Grangewood William proving to be a great asset in the herd.

World Class has left some phenomenal females in the herd and without doubt has left a stamp of quality we look for in the modern era of this breed. These females have notched up a few major wins at both national and regional level and their progeny are proving to be in demand.

Recent sire additions have come from the Islavale, Wolfstar and Derrycallaghan herds, so it will be interesting to see how these knit with our current genetics.

2010 saw the establishment of a Blue Texel flock which is now owned by Bridget and James’ children, Sam and Scarlett. The Sacombe flock consists of Bishops, Miserden, Beili, Whatmore, Saltire and Bluestone genetics and 2018 will now see 35-40 females lambing down with a view to offering both males and females for sale both off farm and at Society sales. Showing is also undertaken on a local scale to promote the flock.

2016 saw an exciting chapter in Paull and Judy Borlase’s life as they have relocated to Shropshire to Batchcott Hall Farm where the majority of the sheep flock run alongside a new commercial sheep enterprise. Bridget, her partner James and their two children Sam and Scarlett are still at Sacombe Hill Farm in Hertfordshire running the pedigree herd and the butchery side of the business. 


Member of SAC PCHS
Johne’s testing since 2012 - Monitored status (Clear 1st Qualifying test)
BVD - Vaccinating since 2008
Lepto - Vaccinating since 2012
TB - 4 year Parish - Last whole herd test 15/1/2012